Benefits of Residential Air Conditioning

Residential Air Conditioning

Air conditioning (A/C) is often thought of as a luxury that you experience on holiday somewhere hot, or when you retreat to a cool shop on a hot summer’s day. But with the recent warm summers we have been experiencing in the UK, should this really be something that is a luxury and not accessible to everyone?
Benefits of air conditioning
A/C is a simple process that can massively improve the comfort of your home, especially in the hot summer months. A/C removes heat and moisture from the environment, greatly improving the air quality of your home. The A/C filters the air circulating through the residence which removes pollutants which can benefit individuals suffering with asthma and allergies. However, to maintain this effective reduction in irritants, it is vital to keep the A/C unit clean for the best results.
As well as keeping pollutants out of the environment, A/C can facilitate better sleep. Having these units in your home will ensure the room is at a comfortable temperature for you to get a peaceful night’s sleep, without the tossing and turning on summer nights.
Key areas of the home to install air conditioning
It may be that you have the available funds to air condition your entire home however in most circumstances this isn’t the case. So how do you prioritize the areas where the A/C will benefit you the most?
If you work from home you may find that your office space is uncomfortable and not easily ventilated. This may prevent you from working to your best potential. A/C in your home office may be the answer to your problems. An office that is too hot or too cold is an uncomfortable environment to work in. Having A/C means that you can set your office to your desired temperature, making the space as comfortable as possible, therefore increasing your motivation to work.
Another area of your home that may be important to you, is your home gym. An A/C provides a safer, more comfortable setting to exercise in. You can train longer and harder in a space that has good temperature control, as you will not suffer as much fatigue as when working out in a hot environment. Fatigue from over exertion in the heat can result in headaches, dehydration and other unwanted symptoms. Therefore, having a cooler place to exercise will mean that you can be more productive in your work outs, therefore achieving the results you want.
Hot conservatories can also be an issue in homes. Conservatories are an amazing asset to any home however you may be left feeling deflated when the area is unbearable to sit in during the hot summer months. Having an A/C installed is beneficial when the heat provided through the glass is intense, however you still wish to enjoy the space and take in the views of your garden. An added benefit of having a unit in your conservatory is that modern A/C units often can provide heat too, therefore helping you make the most of your space year-round.
Pricing & Installation
Pricing and installation varies on your requirements. It is best to seek the advice from a professional and Pioneer Air Conditioning are the perfect company, who will be able to advise you on the best suited units for your home and will then be able to provide you with a comprehensive quote.