Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

All our Installations come with our own one year guarantee as well as the manufactures’ which can be between 1-5 years depending on the package.

For your peace of mind we strongly recommend that your systems are subject to regular maintenance. It is a recognised fact that a regularly serviced air conditioning unit will have a far longer lifespan, will have higher performance and be more energy efficient than a unit which does not receive regular servicing and safety checks.

Basic Yearly Service Plan

Yearly service including filter and coil clean and 1 major service, covering our 15 point essential checks. There’s no long term contractual obligation either, so you’re welcome to cancel at any time should you wish. 

£90 plus VAT for the 1st unit
£40 plus VAT for each additional unit

Large Commercial Buildings and Schools

Please contact us for a customised quotation

Labour included for first hour on site
additional hours onsite @ £40/hour 

All repair parts billed in addition

All costs are subject to VAT at the standard rate

Our 15 Point Air Conditioning Checklist

  • Check/clean the outdoor condenser unit and indoor evaporator unit coils and fins to prevent the system from getting blocked.
  • Check for any faults on the unit remote and set the correct time. Set timers for customers where requested and if their system contains this feature.
  • Check the fan, fan motor, compressor and compressor mountings.
  • Check all electrical connections to prevent any shorting out or electrical damage.
  • Check fuses and test operation of electrical isolator and protection devices for safety.
  • Check condensate pump and float/sensor to help prevent unexpected leaks.
  • Check and flush condensate drain and tray, de-scale and add water treatment as necessary.
  • Check condensate flow via gravity drain or pump.
  • Check air ducts, air grilles, filters and insulation.
  • Check refrigerant pipe work for integrity and thermal insulation.
  • Check temperature difference across coils in cooling and heating modes to indicate the health of the system.
  • Check unit operation, controls and settings.
  • Check any unit louvres and louvre motors.
  • Ensure the unit is clean and hygienic using anti-mould and anti-bacterial cleaners.
  • Check unit fascia’s and covers to ensure no cosmetic damage/broken hinges.